Top 10 Gas Tech Solution Companies - 2019
TDE Group: Driving Oil and Gas Industry into the Digital Age

Top 10 Gas Tech Solution Companies - 2019

The gas industry sits on top of a pedestal of constant change, owing to the fluctuating prices, disruption in supplies and refinery operations, or gasoline pipeline deliveries. That being said, the volatile nature of the sector, characterized by a history of cost overruns is challenging stakeholders to make strategic plans for the future. Today, in the world of compressed margins, companies are actively seeking means to transform their legacy models and create a cost-efficient methodology. In the current scenario with fast-paced advancements in technology, gas companies are in a better position to monitor and track their pipelines and networks equipped with smart sensors and big data analytics to identify issues pro-actively and take remediation measures beforehand. By implementing these preemptive strategies, companies can lower the cost of maintenance by a wide margin. In addition, these functions will enable oil and gas companies to keep pace with the increasingly global supply demands, ever-changing prices and stringent environmental regulations—helping them stay resilient and competitive. Workloads can be managed efficiently using automation, edge devices and the cloud to free employees from repetitive mundane processes, reducing errors and enabling them to focus on core objectives.

As gas space continues to evolve, it can be challenging enterprises to keep up with the changes and adapt. To make this task less daunting and empower businesses to remain competitive and innovative, Energy CIO Insights presents to you a special edition of Gas technology, featuring top companies that are stirring a revolution in this space. We present to you, " Top 10 Gas Tech Solution Providers - 2019".

    Top Gas Tech Solution Companies

  • TDE Group is a data-driven technologycompany that is leading the oil and gas drilling industry into the digital age.TDE is shifting the drilling world from surface centric data models to fully integrated predictive downhole models - based on high quality real-time downhole data aggregation and analysis. TDE is the only company worldwide providing Digital Drilling Intelligence to anticipate and solve downhole challenges based on real-time data

  • AutomaTech


    One of the best Industrial Automation Hardware and Software distributors for the Northeast United States, AutomaTech, is focused on improving the customer's operational performance. AutomaTech deals with Control and Enterprise systems, MES Solutions, Fault Tolerance, Cyber Security, IIoT, & Cloud Solutions. Solutions provided by the company are Manufacturing & Information Systems, HMI/SCADA & Automation, Industrial Internet (IIOT) & Cloud Solutions, Systems & Network Infrastructure, Cyber Security for OT, and Predix Asset Performance Management (APM). AutomaTech serves several industries such as Manufacturing, Water & Waste Water, Power & Utilities, Campuses & Facilities, Transportation, and OEMs

  • BPD Zenith

    BPD Zenith

    Headquartered in Carlisle, Cumbria, BPD Zenith is one of the leading enterprise asset management solutions. BPD Zenith, select best-of-breed products that enable them to deliver real value to their clients. The company is specialized in the implementation and support of Enterprise Asset Management, Work Management, Facilities Management, and Integrated Workplace Management Systems. BPD deals with IBM Maximo Asset Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Internet of Things, Analytics, Industry Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Mobile Solutions, Asset Management, HSE, CAFM, CMMS, Support, Upgrade, Implementation, Configuration, Customization, Internet of Things, Asset Investment Optimization, Asset Performance Management, EAM, APM, IoT, Worker Safety, Asset Health Insights, and MaxiCloud

  • Davra


    Founded in 2012 by a team of Big Data and Data Analytics veterans, Davra is a privately held pioneering Industrial Internet of Things company that helped coin the term Application Enablement Platform or AEP. Davra's IoT Platform provides organizations with a flexible, secure, and integrated platform to fully leverage current and future IoT deployments. Saib, Enterprise Ireland, and Delta partners are the investment partners of the company. Some of the partners of Davra include Bosch, Cisco Systems, Deloitte, Intel, Presidio, World Wide Tech, Cradlepoint, Honeywell, and many more. The company mainly deals with IOT (Internet of things), Mobile-ready, Aep, Lpwan, Lora, AEP, software, html5, and javascript

  • Flow Data

    Flow Data

    Founded in 1997, Texas-based Flow Data provides flexible and intelligent solutions for wellhead automation and control to the oil and gas industry. The primary mission of Flow Data is to serve clients with the best options available that support SCADA and Information Systems, control panel design, and technical field-service needs. PADPro automation control panel, PADPro apps, Pressure monitoring skid rental, airflow measurement rental, and Airflow measurement rental are some of the products offered by the company. Some of the services provided by Flow Data are SCADA systems, automation solutions, information systems, measurement services, I&E technical services, electrical services, and many more.

  • ION Science

    ION Science

    Ion Science has over 25 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and supplying gas sensors and gas detection instruments for a wide range of industries and applications. Since 1989, Ion Science has served customers worldwide with companies and divisions dedicated to market sectors and geographical locations. The head office is located near to Cambridge in the UK, with further offices in the USA, Germany, France, and China. The main aim of the company is to develop sensing technology that help prolong the life of our planet and make our environment cleaner. Ion Science is specialized in gas detection, VOCs, PID, benzene detection, PID instruments, and instrumentation

  • LEC


    Specialized in Automation, Remote Monitoring, Control Systems, Data Aquisition, OEM Services, Networking, Onsite Support, Remote Support, Consulting, IIoT Enablement, LEC is one of the leaders in Industrial Automation Control Engineering and IIoT Enablement. LEC provides industrial automation and control engineering, and industrial IoT enablement and cloud platform services of the highest quality with a constant commitment to our Clients, Strategic Partners, and Communities. Since the establishment in 1989, LEC has continued to provide innovative and groundbreaking industrial automation and control engineering, and Industrial IoT enablement platform solutions. The main aim of the company is to engineer the best SCADA, control, and automation systems

  • LogiLube


    A Wyoming-based technology company is focused on developing edge-to-cloud-to-client Big Data predictive analytics and machine learning solutions in the field of intelligent machine health management. LogiLube Laramie is a privately held company that was established in 2013. LogiLube Laramie offers Real-time Industrial IoT Sensors, Big Data Analytics, Physical Oil Analysis, Oil Condition Monitoring, Industrial Equipment Monitoring, Insurance Reliability Analytics, Operations & Maintenance Technology, Wind Energy, Mining, Marine, Oil & Gas, and Power Generation. SmartOil, SmartGear, SmartLab, SmartTalk, SmartParticle, SmartData, SmartSecutrity, SmartGearbox are some of the products offered by the company. LogiLube's suite of solutions comprising the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled sensors are deployed in multiple industries including wind energy, oil and gas, power generation, and mining

  • sensemetrics


    sensemetrics provides a standards-based approach for collecting, organizing, and structuring data from the physical world. By bringing this standardization and ease to the Industrial IoT landscape, we fight the fragmentation that suppresses the adoption of IoT; making collaboration less costly and challenging. sensemetrics deals with instrumentation, monitoring, data analysis, cloud computing, sensors, internet of things, big data, industrial internet of things, IIoT, IoT, mining, infrastructure, dams, and construction. The company offers the only market-proven cloud-based enterprise-level software platform that transforms industrial sensor data into real-time situational awareness, enabling active risk management and safety solutions instantly

  • TechKnow Remote Systems

    TechKnow Remote Systems

    Founded in 2017, TechKnow Remote Systems Amarillo is focused on providing small, independent oil producers with tools they need to track and monitor their production and assets remotely. Using their custom monitoring stations combined with our online service, customers can view the status of their oil production. TechKnow Remote Systems offer environmental protection, security, reduction operation cost, third party data, remote monitoring, and automatic reports. The primary mission of the company is to provide oil and gas producers with monitoring and data services to simplify their lives